The Reaper

For centuries, The Grim Reaper has been a sign of death, the end of life and an object of fear. Never has this been more so than now.

The Reaper, as it is known, is the most dangerous, prolific and mysterious assassin in the Realm of Human Space. Rumored to have killed over 40,000 targets, whispers of the Reaper’s price for a kill are extraordinary, costing the gross national product of some nations.

The identity of the Reaper is not known, but he/she does leave a calling card. When a target is found, either dead in their sleep or as a pile of lasered ash, there is a small music device next to the body. When touched, the device plays an ancient song from the days prior to the First Great Expansion;

“Don’t Fear The Reaper”.

Many have debated the meaning of the calling card. Some say that the Reaper takes only those who deserve it. Others say that there is no sense in fearing the Reaper, for like death, when it is your time your fate is inescapable.

The Reaper

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