Earth System Magisterium

The most powerful government in the Realm of Human Space, the Earth System Magisterium is a Representative-based Theocracy that grew out of the half millenium old United Nations and remains of the primary religious sects; Consolidated Christian Union, United Israeli Rabbinates and the Federation of Ulamas.

Reaching beyond the Sol system, both the Alps and Azul systems are still governed by the Earth System Magisterium. While other systems broke off to form new Governments, closer than the Homeworld, both Azul and Alps still cling to the security offered by the Magisterium.

Boasting the most stable government of the existing systems, this does not come without price. The oppressive and sometimes impossibly rigid demands of the Earth System were what drove systems to form their governments. The complication of the religious aspect of the government is also a leading factor in many systems leaving the Magisterium.

Systems under Jursidiction of Earth System Magisterium.

Earth System Magisterium

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