Tag: Pyxis


  • Iroquois

    Named after the now extinct Indian tribe, this system serves as a wilderness. With only three planets in the system, and only one of them inhabitable, there is little interest in further civilizing this system. * [[Lakota]] * [[New Dakota]] * [[ …

  • Palmeria

    There are 11 planets in the Pameria system: * [[Peros]] * [[Krasnodim]] * [[Holodnye]] (Hal-o-din-knee) * [[Metyr]] * [[Renepka]] * [[New Moscow]] * [[Vladodyne]] * [[Argentum]] * [[Severnaya]] * [[Panzer]] * [[Yurigami]]

  • New Australia

    This system is isolated from the rest in the Pyxis Constellation. It is unusual from it's other two systems in that it is bombarded with a significantly higher amount of radiation than any other due to the age of it's Sun. The entire system acts as …