Part 3 - Master Chief "Ishta"

The Chief, torn between Two Men.


“Another cage for me to rattle.”

Age: 32

Height: 5’8"

Weight: 140 lbs

Homeworld: Cobalt, Azul System, Tucana Constellation

Lifepaths: Born Citizen, Student, Soldier, Sergeant, Anvil Elite, Stormtrooper

Reputations: “Rottweiler” (2D, for Tenacity and Attitude during Service)

Affiliations: Cobalt Leviathans (2D Army Amphibious Strike Team)

Relationships: Oskar Ingolfsson (2D Friendly, Romantic), Remo Nieddu, Figgaro Veloce, Zaira Cassidy.


Anvil Trained, Brutal, Citizen of the Commune, Educated, FUGAZI, Oddly Likeable, Unflinching, Sharp Dresser, Hungry, Veneer of Innocence, Bright Eyes, Tough as Nails


  • Through my deeds and accomplishments, I will gain Oskar Ingolfsson’s love and respect, proving I am worthy of him.
  • No one talks about the failed op we pulled at ‘Ronin Plateau’, I will find out what happened and who is responsible.
  • I will find out why the two mystery people in my vision want me.


  • Shoot first, ask questions later.
  • Never leave a mission unfinished.
  • When on a mission, always have my weapons loaded and within reach.

Technology of Note:

  • Modified YioTech Panthera Motorcycle “Snapdragon”
  • Modification to Motorcycle: Autopilot Module (3D Driving Skill)
  • Modification to Motorcycle: Field Kit
  • Modification to Motorcycle: Atmospheric Flight
  • Modification to Motorcycle: Squad Support Weapon Mount
  • Standard issue Anvil Armor (Cobalt Military Colors)
  • Jack Gun “RAD” (Run And Die)
  • Upgrade to “RAD”, Superior
  • Upgrade to “RAD”, Devestator
  • MPIMLFAD” (Fly And Die)
  • Upgrade to “FAD”, Ammo modification to Case

Part 3 - Master Chief "Ishta"

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