Part 3 - Khatija Patel

The Raksashi, Doubtful of her Past


“Sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that.”

Age: 32

Height: 5’2"

Weight: 100 lbs

Homeworld: Icarus, New Kremlin System, Delphinus Constellation

Lifepaths: Born to the League, Student, Soldier, Scout, Gunsel, Criminal

Reputations: The Rakshasi (3D, Assassin)

Affiliations: Vladinov Crime Family (2D, Friendly)

Relationships: Doyle McCreedy (Friendly), Jacob Roger Buckingham (Hostile), Gorden Smith, Esquire (Friendly), Andras Farkas (hateful)


Capitalist at Heart, Educated, FUGAZI, Cold, Loyal to the Family, Tall-dark-and-Murderous, Family
We Rule These Streets, Vindictive, Educated, The Vision, The Word


  • I will always be loyal to the Vladinov Family.
  • I will discover who the Reaper is and he or she will die at my hands.
  • I will protect my family at all costs.
  • I will kill any target I am presented with.


  • Always have a weapon on hand.
  • Always mark my victims, break their wrist(s) so their thumbs are on the wrong side.
  • Never resist an attractive deal.

Technology of Note:

  • Project 7DZ “Plasma Shell” Prototype Personal Deflector Shield Unit
  • Upgrade to “Plasma Shell” – Intelligent
  • Project 3AX “Chameleon” Prototype Personal Veiling Suit
  • Project 5HB “Honey Badger” Prototype Personal Covert Anti-Vehicular Missile Launcher
  • Upgrade to “Honey Badger” – Intelligent
  • Project 4CK “Claws of the Heavens” Prototype Energy Knife
  • Modified Handgun “Ganesha”
  • Upgrade to “Ganesha” – Devastator x2
  • Upgrade to “Ganesha” – Megablast
  • Upgrade to “Ganesha” – Long Range

Part 3 - Khatija Patel

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