Part 3 - General Fredrick Lawson

The General, struggling to find Justice


“So when I got away, I only kept my Scars.”

Age: 37

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 240 lbs (w.o. armor)

Homeworld: Scion, Sierra System, Crux Constellation

Lifepaths: Born Citizen, Soldier, Sergeant, Armiger, Lord-Pilot Anvil, Anvil Lord

Reputations: The Tranquil Colossus (3D)

Affiliations: Scion Anvil Forces “The Jin Ren” (3D)

Relationships: Carl Fipps (1D, Friendly)


FUGAZI, Oddly Likeable, Anvil-Trained, Corvus & Cruxis, Iron Trained, Argumentative, Anvil Lord, Tough, Brave, Citizen of the Commune, Eidetic Memory, Accelerated Healing, Past Memory, Aggressive Immune System


  • I will figure out who is responsible for the destruction of Syncrest Station and bring them to justice.
  • I am an Anvil Lord; My authority will not be questioned by Hammer forces.
  • I will find out what is going on within my Government


  • When a loud noise is heard, pull my gun.
  • When fighting, always shoot to wound.
  • Never leave a man behind.

Technology of Note:

  • Heavily Modified Suit of Iron “Colossus of Scion”
  • Upgrade to Iron: 5D Space Boosters
  • Upgrade to Iron: Transformable to Ground Car mode
  • Heavily Modified Close Combat Katana “Kusanagi”
  • Upgrade to Katana: Devastator Trait (Plasma Edging)
  • Upgrade to Katana: It Burns Trait (Plasma Edging)

Part 3 - General Fredrick Lawson

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