Part 3 - Captain Adanna Celestine Alvarez

The Captain, Lost in a Sea of Questions


“Did I seal the loss that’s become me?”

Age: 33

Height: 5’7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Homeworld: Lakota, Iroquois System, Pyxis Constellation

Lifepaths: Son of a Gun, Yeoman, Senserigger, Pilot, 1st Officer, Ship’s Captain

Reputations: Captain of the LunaSea (2D)

Affiliations: Merchant League (2D, Friendly)

Relationships: Crew of LunaSea; Gordan Smith; John Corelis; His Lordship Captain Emilio Richter


Hazed, Aloof, Light Sleeper, Illegal Cruxis, Undettered, Privateer, Owner Aboard, Cold Blooded, Distortion Monkey, I Know This Ship Like The Back Of My Hand, Ear for Voices


  • I will find who I really was and why I became this way
  • I will find the people or organization who took my father and bring them to their knees.
  • Innocence should never be sacrificed in the name of profits.


  • When in a hostile situation, take command.
  • My ship, my rules. Defy me and face the consequences.
  • Never surrender.

Technology of Note:

  • Mercator Class Ship “LunaSea”
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Artillery Mounts
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: 2 Batteries
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: 1 Nail Launcher
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: 2 Missile Ports
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Upgraded to Interstellar Wedge Space Drive
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Intelligent Batteries
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Intelligent Nail Launcher
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Automated and Sensor 4D
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Added Launch Bay for Charon
  • Hybrid Assault Ship “Charon”
  • Upgrade to Charon: Intelligent Fusion Gun
  • Upgrade to Charon: Automated Sensor 3D

Part 3 - Captain Adanna Celestine Alvarez

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