Part 1 - Colonel Fredrick Lawson

Skilled Soldier-Pilot who has seen too much and now desires peace


“I’ll never survive with Dead Memories in my heart.”

Age: 37

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 230 lbs (w.o. armor)

Homeworld: Scion, Sierra System, Crux Constellation

Lifepaths: Born Citizen, Soldier, Sergeant, Armiger, Lord-Pilot Anvil, Anvil Lord

Reputations: The Tranquil Colossus (1D)

Affiliations: Scion Anvil Forces “The Jin Ren” (2D)

Relationships: Carl Fipps (1D, Friendly)


Citizen of the Commune, FUGAZI, Oddly Likeable, Anvil-Trained, Corvus & Cruxis, Iron Trained, Anvil Lord (Colonel), Tough, Brave


  • I will not allow another of my close friends to be killed in front of me.
  • I am an Anvil Lord; My authority will not be questioned by Hammer forces.
  • Slavery and Organized Crime only add to the violence of this galaxy and should be abolished.


  • If a violent situation is imminent, try to defuse it.
  • When fighting, always shoot to wound.
  • Never leave a man behind.

Technology of Note:

  • Heavily Modified Suit of Iron “Colossus of Scion”
  • Upgrade to Iron: 5D Space Boosters
  • Upgrade to Iron: Transformable to Ground Car mode
  • Heavily Modified Close Combat Katana “Kusanagi”
  • Upgrade to Katana: Devastator Trait (Plasma Edging)
  • Upgrade to Katana: It Burns Trait (Plasma Edging)

I was born to serve the People. If my mother nurtured me then the Scion military was my father and taught me all that I needed to be a tool of the People. I was only a child when I killed the first time; I made Sergeant in no time.

Not long after, I made squire to a Lord-Pilot in Iron. I trained with him, bore his armor and covered him through siege and assaults. Eventually, I was promoted to wear the Iron, the armor of nobility. Working my way up the ranks I fought in battles and lost men, some who I had trained from boot camp. I fought and taught those under my command, gaining my Full Bird as a Colonel for my greatest victory and my most crushing defeat.

Outnumbered, outgunned and wounded we could not see the daylight on Hades. I watched as the troops I knew for years were shot, vaporized and blown up around me. Fighting out of that disaster took all I had with only one other man of my unit making it onto the dropship.

When I was asked to report on the op, I was promoted for surviving such a terrible ambush, especially with my Master Sergeant alive. I couldn’t take it anymore, especially with the series of body-less funerals I had to oversee. My Full Birds were anchors that weighed me down as I saw the sorrow in the eyes of my mens surviving loved ones. Handing them the flag, I knew they blamed me for the deaths of their loved ones.

Despite my survival through all I’ve seen and done I couldn’t save them. Can a man who has no skills save that of ending lives redeem himself by saving some before his time is up?

Part 1 - Colonel Fredrick Lawson

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