Part 1 - Captain Adanna Celestine Alvarez


“Memory has shaped me once again.”

Age: 33

Height: 5’7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Homeworld: Lakota, Iroquois System, Pyxis Constellation

Lifepaths: Son of a Gun, Yeoman, Senserigger, Pilot, 1st Officer, Ship’s Captain


Affiliations: Merchant League (1D, Friendly)

Relationships: Crew of LunaSea (1D, Friendly), Baakir Alvarez (Brother, religious leader on Lakota)


Distortion Monkey, Hazed, Light Sleeper, Illegal Cruxis, Undeterred, Aloof, Priveteer, Owner-Aboard, I Know This Ship Like My Own Hands


  • I will fulfill any duty the merchant league asks of me.
  • I will find the people or organization who took my father and bring them to their knees.
  • Innocence should never be sacrificed in the name of profits.


  • When in a hostile situation, take command.
  • If someone insults my family, silence them.
  • Never surrender

Technology of Note:

  • Mercator Class Ship “LunaSea”
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Artillery Mounts
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: 2 Batteries
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: 1 Nail Launcher
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: 2 Missile Ports
  • Upgrade to LunaSea: Upgraded to Interstellar Wedge Space Drive

“Some people go insane when they stay in space too long. Not me, it’s the hard land, the solid worlds, the busy cities that make me think I’ll go crazy, it’s the constant noise and I can’t sleep. Being born in the Void will do that.

I grew up, if you could call it that, on my father’s independent ship. My life wasn’t easy by any means but it wasn’t complicated. A simple command chain and a job to, that’s how I grew up. I learned the stations, did my time, took my licks and climbed to the position of 1st Mate.

As I got older, I saved up my money for a back-alley Cruxis and a ship to call my own. More of a hulk actually, a wrecked Mercator. The woman who sold it to me said it was insanity to fly in it, even under a New Moon. Turns out, with enough time, money and military hardware, she turned out to be quite a piece of work. Non the less, no one would fly with me, said it was crazy.

Insanity some said.
Suicidal they thought.
I proved them wrong.

With a few favors from my brother and father, I got my papers approved with the Merchant Leagues as a licensed Corsair. They provided me steady good-paying work and I delievered their goods on time, safely and without too many questions. Any unfortunate pirates who stumbled into my path ended their careers as additions to my job completion bonus. Life was good, but nothing ever lasts.

My father disappeared without a trace. My brother Baakir was too busy with his crusade for the people on Lakota to notice. I remember how we splintered after Mom died. I won’t let it happen again.

Part 1 - Captain Adanna Celestine Alvarez

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