Part 1 - Master Sergeant "Ishta"

Best-In-Her-Class Queen Bitch Commando


“Another day, another battle.”

Age: 32

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 140 lbs

Homeworld: Cobalt, Azul System, Tucana Constellation

Lifepaths: Born Citizen, Student, Soldier, Sergeant, Anvil Elite, Stormtrooper

Reputations: “Rottweiler” (1D, for Tenacity and Attitude during Service)

Affiliations: Cobalt Leviathans (1D Army Amphibious Strike Team)

Relationships: Oskar Ingolfsson (2D Friendly, Romantic)


Anvil Trained, Brutal, Citizen of the Commune, Educated, FUGAZI, Oddly Likeable, Unflinching, Sharp Dresser, Hungry


  • Through my deeds and accomplishments, I will gain Oskar Ingolfsson’s love and respect, proving I am worthy of him.
  • No one talks about the failed op we pulled at ‘Ronin Plateau’, I will find out what happened and who is responsible.
  • I will use the unwitting Rebels on Cobalt to become the Magistrate of the System.


  • Shoot first, ask questions later.
  • Never leave a mission unfinished.
  • When on a mission, always have my weapons loaded and within reach.

Technology of Note:

  • Modified YioTech Panthera Motorcycle “Snapdragon”
  • Modification to Motorcycle: Autopilot Module (3D Driving Skill)
  • Standard issue Anvil Armor (Cobalt Military Colors)
  • Jack Gun “RAD” (Run And Die)

My youth was like any other for a kid on Cobalt; I served the Commune and did my part. I found my true calling after years of boring school; War.

I joined up on Graduation Day, heading to boot camp the next morning. No one could stand in my way as I burned through Boot Camp and Advanced Training quicker than anyone had. I couldn’t wait to hit the front lines.

On my first major leave, years after I had left, I returned home and saw him again. I had known Oscar since we were kids and while I wore my formal uniform, he wore a suit that cost more than my last six months pay. He was kind, generous, polite and happy to see me again. It became clear that I could not be in his life the way I wanted to unless I could prove that I wasn’t just some Grunt.

I applied for the Nest, the base where our tier-one special forces train: The Leviathans. I made it through their training and took my place in Leviathan Team Three. Things didn’t go as planned though.

We were tasked with the Joint Operation at Ronin Plateau. Things didn’t go down well and when the last of my men and I made it back after three months lost in the jungles of Scion, we were paid for our time and no formal inquiry was made into the massacre our forces walked into.

I came home and set my sights on a more lofty position. I know people now, including a strong arm who gives us work now and then. Power comes to those who are strong enough to take it.

Let them try and stop me.

Part 1 - Master Sergeant "Ishta"

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