Doyle McCreedy


“I find this fight must be won inside my mind.”

Age: 28

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 150 lbs

Homeworld: New Sydney, New Australia System, Pyxis System

Lifepaths: Born to Rule, Coeptir, Armiger, Lord-Pilot Hammer



Relationships: Khatija Patel (Lover)


Mark of Privilege, Anvil Trained, Corvus & Cruxis, Protective, Fiery


  • My family are horrible human beings and I want nothing to do with them; save for the memory of my mother.
  • Khatija hides from me what she does for a living; I will ferret it out.
  • I will protect this family from anyone who brings harm or discomfort.


  • Ignore anything an Anvil Commander tells me
  • If teased about my height, take a swing at them
  • Irritate Jacob at every opportunity.

Technology of Note:

  • Suit of Anvil “The Smiling Man”

  • Jack Gun
  • Private home on New Moscow (2D Sensors, 1D Panic Room, 1D Escape Pod)
  • Civilian Interstellar Hammer “Tears of Persephone”
  • Upgrades to “Tears of Persephone”: Weapon Mounts
  • Upgrades to “Tears of Persephone”: Manipulator Arms (1D Power)
  • Upgrades to “Tears of Persephone”: Nail Launcher

Doyle McCreedy

Lacuna Memoria: Paragons Neosect