Part 1 - Khatija Patel

Rich Girl turned Mob Enforcer


“She’s lost in coma where it’s beautiful.”

Age: 32

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 100 lbs

Homeworld: Icarus, New Kremlin System, Delphinus Constellation

Lifepaths: Born to the League, Student, Soldier, Scout, Gunsel, Criminal

Reputations: The Rakshasi (2D, Assassin)

Affiliations: Vladinov Crime Family (1D, Friendly)

Relationships: Doyle McCreedy (Friendly), Jacob Roger Buckingham (Hostile), Gorden Smith, Esquire (Friendly)


Capitalist at Heart, Educated, FUGAZI, Cold, Loyal to the Family, Tall-dark-and-Murderous, Family We Rule These Streets, Vindictive


  • I will always be loyal to the Vladinov Family.
  • The Reaper’s identity will be revealed by me and I shall kill him/her to claim the title.
  • I will protect my children and Doyle at all costs.
  • I will reconcile with my father and prove I am an asset to him and the League.


  • If annoyed with conversation, backhand the speaker and demand silence.
  • Always mark my victims, break their wrist(s) so their thumbs are on the wrong side.
  • Never resist an attractive deal.

Technology of Note:

  • Project 7DZ “Plasma Shell” Prototype Personal Deflector Shield Unit
  • Project 3AX “Chameleon” Prototype Personal Veiling Suit
  • Project 5HB “Honey Badger” Prototype Personal Covert Anti-Vehicular Missile Launcher
  • Project 4CK “Claws of the Heavens” Prototype Energy Knife

When a man you’ve dated for eight years proposes most girls first reaction isn’t to threaten to stab him in the face if he leaves them at the altar. Guess I’m not most girls.

I have a colorful history with weddings. My father is Sudip Patel, one of the richest men on Icarus and to him marriage isn’t about love it’s about business. When I was four years old my parent decided that I would marry Daksheshs Kaur when I finished school. I met my future husband four days before the wedding. Daksheshs has to be the most annoying creature to ever exist, I spent one hour with him and broke out into a rash that covered the vast majority of my body. I knew that if I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life smelling like chamomile lotion I had to leave, find a new life.

I decided to join the military. Turns out I don’t work well with others but I’m poet with knife. I was trained as a scout, which I enjoyed until my last mission. The moron 1st lieutenant, fresh from the academy, decided to launch an attack two hours earlier than scheduled. I’m really good with knifes but I still don’t want to bring one to a gun fight and that’s basically what this moron made me do. I took a bullet in my left leg and was laid up for a few months. First thing I did when they gave me my crutches was hobble out of the infirmary, find that lieutenant and beat him with the crutches. Turns out the army frowns on that and I was discharged.

While I was in the army I met Jacob. We started dating (mistake), I got an untimely visit from a stork (mistake #2), we decided to get married (MISTAKE #3). It took me a month to talk my father into coming to that wedding. The day of, Jacob bolts from the system. Side note, when a girl is pregnant, hormonal, and has just been left at the altar a lecture about karma is ill-timed.

After that I fell in with the Vladinovs. They’re good people and I enjoy my work, beside that’s how I Doyle met so it all worked out. Thing is, the only job I was ever really good at was killing people. Lucky for me in New Moscow a skill like mine can translate into a very lucrative career.

Part 1 - Khatija Patel

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