Part 2 - General Fredrick Lawson

The General, Haunted by Unknowable Memories, Hunted by Something He Cannot Fathom.


“Another story of the bitter pills of fate.”

Age: 37

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 240 lbs (w.o. armor)

Homeworld: Scion, Sierra System, Crux Constellation

Lifepaths: Born Citizen, Soldier, Sergeant, Armiger, Lord-Pilot Anvil, Anvil Lord

Reputations: The Tranquil Colossus (1D)

Affiliations: Scion Anvil Forces “The Jin Ren” (2D)

Relationships: Carl Fipps (1D, Friendly)


Citizen of the Commune, FUGAZI, Oddly Likeable, Anvil-Trained, Corvus & Cruxis, Iron Trained, Anvil Lord (Colonel), Tough, Brave, Eidetic Memory, Accelerated Healing


  • I will figure out who is responsible for the destruction of Syncrest Station and bring them to justice.
  • I am an Anvil Lord; My authority will not be questioned by Hammer forces.
  • I will bring Kornel Kava to justice what what he did on Hades.


  • When a loud noise is heard, pull my gun.
  • When fighting, always shoot to wound.
  • Never leave a man behind.

Technology of Note:

  • Heavily Modified Suit of Iron “Colossus of Scion”
  • Upgrade to Iron: 5D Space Boosters
  • Upgrade to Iron: Transformable to Ground Car mode
  • Heavily Modified Close Combat Katana “Kusanagi”
  • Upgrade to Katana: Devastator Trait (Plasma Edging)
  • Upgrade to Katana: It Burns Trait (Plasma Edging)

The loss of my men on Syncrest Station will not go unavenged. I will not be intimidated by this Agent of the Earth System Magisterium. The Colossus trembles before no one.

Why do these memories flood my mind? I have never met many of these people, never studied them in school or in the military. Why do I know their faces? How could the city I’ve seen in my dreams even exist?

Why did that recording sound so much like her? It couldn’t be, the timing doesn’t work out. Mother is too old to have possibly recorded that audio log. And with evidence in hand of the existance of an Alien Life Form, what should a man of the people such as I do with it?

Part 2 - General Fredrick Lawson

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