Dr. Violet Dramalski


Age: 50

Height: 5’3"

Weight: 120 lbs

Planet of Origin: Scion

Occupation: Civilian Vehicle Mechanic & Waitress, Formerly Military Geneticist, Rank Captain.


The conspiracy of my my son’s identity is laid bare. The secret I’ve been keeping for 20 years is uncovered. I should be relieved but with the turn of events, I find myself under only more stress. As if pretending that I was a mere waitress and mechanic wasn’t bad enough, I now am a ‘guest’ on a strange ship. These people are strange…and I don’t know what is to come.

They know not the horrors of this life, the terrible things hiding in plain sight. The monsters who appear as men.

I can only support my son and his companions in all that they do. Their destiny will find them, sooner rather than later.

Dr. Violet Dramalski

Lacuna Memoria: Paragons Neosect