Part 1

Echoes in space.

Dreams across time.

Fates intertwined.

With the advent of Wedge Space Technology, humanity has spread to the stars. The Realm of Human Space stretches across over 50 worlds, numbering over 150 Billion people. Humanity travels to stars seen in the constellations for centuries in a matter of hours. Various governmental bodies control portions of this space, working together and waging war as they see fit.

The future is not perfect. Crime families trade in human lives. Corporations sabotage and kill for market share and higher bonuses. Soldiers are ordered to kill civilians for disagreeing with the People in power.

Yet in this kaleidoscope of life, no beings beyond those occurring on Earth have ever been found. No signs of civilization, ruins or space trash; nothing. The question begs asking: Is humanity alone in the universe? Perhaps the miracle of life is merely a coincidence…or is humanity simply the next-in-line for extinction?

The year is 2536 and this is a galaxy of love and hate, hope and despair.

This is Lacuna Memoria and nothing is as it seems…

Part 2

With unseen forces hunting them, The Captain, The Colonel, The Master Sergeant and the Assassin must band together in order to survive. With the secrets of their lives slowly being revealed they know not what persues them.

Colonel Lawson has discovered that his mother was a scientist and that he is a hybrid of human and alien DNA.

Captain Alvarez remembers skills she never learned and found an experimental weapon hidden away in a vault by memories she doesn’t remember.

Sergeant Ishta can peer into a person’s mind and hide herself from the view of others.

Ms. Patel can see in other spectrums of light as well as being fluent in countless languages she never learned.

After the events at Arcareon Station these outcasts, these strangers, know that something hunts them. Human or not, danger waits around every corner.

Part 4

The unlikely companions have discovered their pasts. Coming to terms with what, and who, they are has been no easy feat. Yet, ahead of them lies a man who captured them, tortured them, for reasons they still do not understand. Searching for Andras Farkas unites them and strengthens their resolve.

Even as they search for the location of his hidden base, the Aegis at Tamoanchan, they wonder…what awaits them in the dark of space?

They push forward, regardless of the danger. They will never know peace until he is dead and the threat of the Aztec Apocalypse averted.

All shall be revealed as the Tzitzimitl draw closer and the Xipe Totec stirs from it’s long stasis, summoned forth by it’s creators to do as it was designed.

Lacuna Memoria: Paragons

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